torsdag den 11. september 2014

Poster for Europe fall tour 2014

Nov. 21 – Utrecht, NL – Le Guess Who? Festival
Nov. 22 – Hamburg, DE – Uebel & Gefahrlich
Nov. 23 – Trier, DE – Exhaus
Nov. 24 – Berlin, DE – Berghain Kantine
Nov. 25 – Esslingen, DE – Komma
Nov. 26 – Vienna, AT – Arena
Nov. 27 – Munich, DE – Strom
Nov. 28 – Zurich, CH – Kinski
Nov. 29 – Brussels, BE – Ancienne Belgique
Nov. 30 – Antwerpen, BE – Het Bos
Dec. 1 – Paris, FR – Nouveau Casino
Dec. 2 – London, UK – 100 Club

lørdag den 1. marts 2014

Forgetting important information...

We somehow forgot to mention that we put out an EP a couple of months ago here.
It features two covers. One of Bahamutsi Drama Groups "To The Comrades" and one of "Jackie" by the lovely Sinead O Connor.
Get it here:


tirsdag den 4. februar 2014


Everything Drifts live in Saint Petersburg, Russia

mandag den 27. januar 2014

Live, april fools day. Tempe, AZ

As a part of Ascetic House' January Program they have released a cassette tape containing a live recording of our show at "Meat Market" in Tempe, Arizona on the 1st of april, 2013.

It is available for purchase today and today only, the 27th of January.

Order here:

Information about the January Program:

lørdag den 7. december 2013

Dokument comp

Iceage is featured (with a quite horrible live recording) on the new Dokument compilation coming out today on Posh Isolation and Escho. Other IA associated projects is featured as well.

Release at hovedbiblioteket 2 o clock. Later on, a concert at Børneteatret, Christiania with Lower, Skurv, Communions and Hand of Dust. We heard the birds singing that another band will be playing as well. Jesus, i wonder who could that be?

Get it from

tirsdag den 22. oktober 2013

fredag den 26. juli 2013

Belated news

We did a split 7" with Lower for our last US tour. It features live recordings of us performing their song "Arrows" and them  covering our song "Burning Hand" at the Dokument event earlier this year.
It was released on Escho and its available here:

Besides that, we found our gear again.

New dates added in the calendar  We also played some shows recently that we forgot to put in there. oops. Shows in Eastern Europe and Greece to be added soon.

Take care and disregard,